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Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role

Screen Actors Guild Award

The Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role is an award given by the Screen Actors Guild to honor the finest acting achievements in film. Note: "†" indicates the winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. "‡" indicates a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
Date Established : 1994

Check all the winners of Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role presented under Screen Actors Guild Award since 1995 .

Jared Leto

Honored for : Dallas Buyers Club
(Role: Rayon)

Nominations 2014 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Barkhad Abdi Captain Phillips
Role: Abduwali Muse
Daniel Brühl Rush
Role: Niki Lauda
Michael Fassbender 12 Years a Slave
Role: Edwin Epps
James Gandolfini Enough Said
Role: Albert
Jared Leto Dallas Buyers Club
Role: Rayon

Tommy Lee Jones

Honored for : Lincoln

Nominations 2013 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Alan Arkin Argo
Role: Lester Siegel
Javier Bardem Skyfall
Role: Silva
Robert De Niro Silver Linings Playbook
Role: Pat, Sr.
Tommy Lee Jones Lincoln
Role: Thaddeus Stevens
Philip Seymour Hoffman The Master
Role: Lancaster Dodd

Christopher Plummer

Honored for : Beginners
(Role: Hal Fields)

Nominations 2012 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Jonah Hill Moneyball
Role: Peter Brand
Nick Nolte Warrior
Role: Paddy Conlon
Christopher Plummer Beginners
Role: Hal
Kenneth Branagh My Week with Marilyn
Role: Sir Laurence Oliver
Armie Hammer J. Edgar
Role: Clyde Tolson

Christian Bale

Honored for : The Fighter
(Role: Dicky Eklund)

Nominations 2011 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Christian Bale The Fighter
Role: Dicky Eklund
John Hawkes Winter\u2019s Bone
Role: Teardrop
Jeremy Renner The Town
Role: James Coughlin
Mark Ruffalo The Kids Are All Right
Role: Paul
Geoffrey Rush The King's Speech
Role: Lionel Logue

Christoph Waltz

Honored for : Inglourious Basterds
(Role: Col. Hans Landa)

Nominations 2010 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Christoph Waltz Inglourious Basterds
Role: Col. Hans Landa
Woody Harrelson The Messenger
Role: Captain Tony Stone
Stanley Tucci The Lovely Bones
Role: George Harvey
Christopher Plummer The Last Station
Role: Tolstoy
Matt Damon Invictus
Role: Francois Pienaar

Heath Ledger

Honored for : The Dark Knight
(Role: The Joker)

Nominations 2009 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Heath Ledger The Dark Knight
Role: The Joker
Josh Brolin Milk
Role: Dan White
Robert Downey Jr. Tropic Thunder
Role: Kirk Lazarus
Philip Seymour Hoffman Doubt
Role: Brendan Flynn
Dev Patel Slumdog Millionaire
Role: Jamal Malik

Javier Bardem

Honored for : No Country for Old Men
(Role: Anton Chigurh)

Nominations 2008 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Javier Bardem No Country for Old Men
Role: Anton Chigurh
Casey Affleck The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Role: Robert Ford
Hal Holbrook Into the Wild
Role: Ron Franz
Tommy Lee Jones No Country for Old Men
Role: Ed Tom Bell
Tom Wilkinson Michael Clayton
Role: Arthur Edens

Eddie Murphy

Honored for : Dreamgirls
(Role: James Thunder Early)

Nominations 2007 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Eddie Murphy Dreamgirls
Role: James Thunder Early
Alan Arkin Little Miss Sunshine
Role: Edwin Hoover
Leonardo DiCaprio The Departed
Role: Billy Costigan
Jackie Earle Haley Little Children
Role: Ronald James McGorvey
Djimon Hounsou Blood Diamond
Role: Solomon Vandy

Paul Giamatti

Honored for : Cinderella Man

Nominations 2006 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Paul Giamatti Cinderella Man
Role: Joe Gould
Don Cheadle Crash
Role: Graham Waters
George Clooney Syriana
Role: Bob Barnes
Matt Dillon Crash
Role: John Ryan
Jake Gyllenhaal Brokeback Mountain
Role: Jack Twist

Morgan Freeman

Honored for : Million Dollar Baby

Nominations 2005 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Morgan Freeman Million Dollar Baby
Role: Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris
Jamie Foxx Collateral
Role: Max Durocher
James Garner The Notebook
Role: Noah Calhoun (older)
Thomas Haden Church Sideways
Role: Jack Lopate
Freddie Highmore Finding Neverland
Role: Peter Llewelyn Davies

Tim Robbins

Honored for : Mystic River
(Role: Dave Boyle)

Nominations 2004 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Tim Robbins Mystic River
Role: Dave Boyle
Alec Baldwin The Cooler
Role: Shelly Kaplow
Chris Cooper Seabiscuit
Role: Tom Smith
Benicio del Toro 21 Grams
Role: Jack Jordan
Ken Watanabe The Last Samurai
Role: Katsumoto

Christopher Walken

Honored for : Catch Me If You Can
(Role: Frank Abagnale Sr.)

Nominations 2003 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Christopher Walken Catch Me If You Can
Role: Frank Abagnale, Sr.
Chris Cooper Adaptation
Role: John Laroche
Ed Harris The Hours
Role: Richard Brown
Alfred Molina Frida
Role: Diego Rivera
Dennis Quaid Far from Heaven
Role: Frank Whitaker

Ian McKellen

Honored for : The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
(Role: Gandalf the Grey)

Nominations 2002 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Ian McKellen The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Role: Gandalf
Jim Broadbent Iris
Role: John Bayley
Hayden Christensen Life as a House
Role: Sam Monroe
Ethan Hawke Training Day
Role: Jake Hoyt
Ben Kingsley Sexy Beast
Role: Don Logan

Albert Finney

Honored for : Erin Brockovich
(Role: Ed Masry)

Nominations 2001 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Albert Finney Erin Brockovich
Role: Edward L. Masry
Jeff Bridges The Contender
Role: Jackson Evans
Willem Dafoe Shadow of the Vampire
Role: Max Schreck
Gary Oldman The Contender
Role: Sheldon Runyon
Joaquin Phoenix Gladiator
Role: Commodus

Michael Caine

Honored for : The Cider House Rules
(Role: Wilbur Larch)

Nominations 2000 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Michael Caine The Cider House Rules
Role: Wilbur Larch
Chris Cooper American Beauty
Role: Frank Fitts
Tom Cruise Magnolia
Role: Frank T.J. Mackey
Michael Clarke Duncan The Green Mile
Role: John Coffey
Haley Joel Osment The Sixth Sense
Role: Cole Sear

Robert Duvall

Honored for : A Civil Action
(Role: Jerome Facher)

Nominations 1999 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Robert Duvall A Civil Action
Role: Jerome Facher
James Coburn Affliction
Role: Glen Whitehouse
David Kelly Waking Ned
Role: Michael O'Sullivan
Geoffrey Rush Shakespeare in Love
Role: Philip Henslowe
Billy Bob Thornton A Simple Plan
Role: Jacob Mitchell

Robin Williams

Honored for : Good Will Hunting
(Role: Sean Maguire)

Nominations 1998 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Robin Williams Good Will Hunting
Role: Sean Maguire
Billy Connolly Mrs. Brown
Role: John Brown
Anthony Hopkins Amistad
Role: John Quincy Adams
Greg Kinnear As Good as It Gets
Role: Simon Bishop
Burt Reynolds Boogie Nights
Role: Jack Horner

Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Honored for : Jerry Maguire
(Role: Rod Tidwell)

Nominations 1997 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Cuba Gooding, Jr. Jerry Maguire
Role: Rod Tidwell
Hank Azaria The Birdcage
Role: Agador
Nathan Lane The Birdcage
Role: Albert Goldman
William H. Macy Fargo
Role: Jerry Lundegaard
Noah Taylor Shine
Role: David Helfgott (young)

Ed Harris

Honored for : Apollo 13
(Role: Gene Kranz)

Nominations 1996 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Ed Harris Apollo 13
Role: Gene Kranz
Kevin Bacon Murder in the First
Role: Henri Young
Kenneth Branagh Othello
Role: Iago
Don Cheadle Devil in a Blue Dress
Role: Mouse Alexander
Kevin Spacey The Usual Suspects
Role: Roger Verbal Kint

Martin Landau

Honored for : Ed Wood
(Role: Bela Lugosi)

Nominations 1995 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Martin Landau Ed Wood
Role: Bela Lugosi
Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction
Role: Jules Winnfield
Chazz Palminteri Bullets Over Broadway
Role: Cheech
Gary Sinise Forrest Gump
Role: Dan Taylor
John Turturro Quiz Show
Role: Herb Stempel