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Seiun Award

The Seiun Award is a Japanese speculative fiction award for the best science fiction published in Japan during the preceding year, as voted by the participants of the annual Japan Science Fiction Convention. "Seiun" is the Japanese word for "nebula", but the award is not related to the American Nebula Award. It is not the Japanese "equivalent" to the Hugo Award, as the Hugo Award is open to works from anywhere in any language, but it is similar to the Hugo Award, which is presented by the members of the World Science Fiction Society, in that all of the members of the presenting convention are eligible to participate in the selection process. The Seiun was named after first professional science fiction magazine in Japan, which appeared in 1954. The professional works released in the previous calendar year are eligible for vote. If the work is part of a series, the entire series is eligible when the series is finished as well. The Federation of Science Fiction Fan Groups of Japan selects several works for each category and issues the candidate list, but voters may write in any eligible work outside the list.

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Seiun Award


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Greg Egan
Honored for : Dark Integers and Other Stories