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Erik Bye

Date of Birth 01-March-1926
Place of Birth New York City
(New York, United States of America, Area code 917)
Also know as Bye, Erik
Profession Journalist
Erik Erikssønn Bye was a versatile Norwegian journalist, artist, author, film actor, folk singer and radio and television personality. He was one of the 20th century's most well-known and popular radio and television figures in Norway. Born in Brooklyn, New York to Rønnaug and opera singer Erik Ole Bye, his family moved home to Norway when he was six years old. After a few years in Ringerike they settled in the Nordstrand borough in Oslo, where they took over a bed and breakfast. In his teens, Bye joined the Norwegian resistance movement during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany during World War II. Following the war, he returned to the United States for his university education, studying English, journalism and drama at Midland Lutheran College, Nebraska and the University of Wisconsin in Madison. During his studies he also traveled extensively throughout the United States, taking odd jobs and gathering impressions. In 1953, Bye took his first job as a reporter with the Associated Press and as a freelancer for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. In 1955, he moved to London and worked three years at the BBC Overseas Services as an apprentice to Anthony Martin before returning home. Bye enjoyed immense popularity with generations of Norwegians, and his songs and programs on radio and television were magnets to audiences of all ages. He was noted for his gift of being equally comfortable with the King of Norway and a random character met on the street. His roaming reports from around the world ranged from searching America for an old Apache chief to bringing an African chieftain from Ghana who answered a message in a bottle released by NRK to Norway.

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