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Jacques Miller

Date of Birth 02-April-1931
Place of Birth Nice
(Alpes-Maritimes, French Riviera, France, Arrondissement of Nice, Urban community of Nice Côte d'Azur)
Nationality Australia, France
Also know as Jacques Francis Albert Pierre Miller, Professor Jacques Miller
Profession Scientist
Jacques Francis Albert Pierre Miller AC FRS FAA is a distinguished research scientist. He is famous for having discovered the function of the thymus and for the identification, in mammalian species of the two major subsets of lymphocytes and their function.

Awards by Jacques Miller

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Copley Medal
(For his work on the immunological function of the thymus and of T cells, which has revolutionised the science of immunology. Professor Millers work is paving the way for designing new methods to improve resistance to infections, producing new vaccines, enhancing graft survival, dealing with autoimmunity and even persuading the immune system to reject cancer cells&quot.)


Gairdner Foundation International Award
(In recognition of his fundamental contributions to our understanding of the role of the thymus in the development of normal immunological mechanisms in early life, and in their maintenance in the adult, and for the stimulus which his studies of the thymus gave to the rapidly developing field of immunobiology.)