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Stephen E. Harris

Date of Birth 29-November-1936
Place of Birth Brooklyn
(United States of America, New York City, New York, New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ Metropolitan Division)
Nationality United States of America
Also know as S. E. Harris
Profession Physicist, Professor
Stephen E. Harris is an American physicist known for his contributions to electromagnetically induced transparency, modulation of single photons, and x-ray emission. In a diverse career, he has collaborated with others to produce results in many areas, including the 1999 paper titled “Light speed reduction to 17 metres per second in an ultracold gas,” in which Lene Hau and Harris, Cyrus Behroozi and Zachary Dutton describe how they used EIT to slow optical pulses to the speed of a bicycle. He has also contributed to developments in the use of the laser, generating paired photons with single driving lasers He has also shown the development of such pairs of photons using waveforms His more recent work has sought to address restraints imposed on the types of waveforms that can be produced by the single-cycle barrier Harris and colleagues succeeded in this endeavour in 2005 during a series of experiments aimed at obtaining full control of waveforms, noting "we were able to vary the shape of the pulse to generate different prescribed waveforms." It is hoped that these results will lead to coherent control of chemical reactions, as a probe for ever-shorter physical processes, and for highly efficient generation of far infra-red and vacuum ultra-violet radiation.

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