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Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, commonly known as Fujifilm, is a Japanese multinational photography and imaging company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Fujifilm's principal activities are the development, production, sale and servicing of color film, digital cameras, photofinishing equipment, color paper, photofinishing chemicals, medical imaging equipment, graphic arts equipment and materials, flat panel displays, optical devices, photocopiers and printers.

Awards by Fujifilm

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Academy Scientific and Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering award)
(For the design and development of the FUJIFILM black and white recording film ETERNA-RDS 4791 for use in the archival preservation of film and digital images. Specifically designed for laser film recording and widely used in the industry today, the high-resolution FUJIFILM ETERNA-RDS 4791 film stock is an important step in protecting the heritage of the motion picture industry.)


Academy Scientific and Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering award)
(For the design and development of Fujicolor ETERNA-RDI digital intermediate film, which was designed exclusively to reproduce motion picture digital masters. The Fujicolor ETERNA-RDI Type 8511/4511 digital intermediate film has thinner emulsion layers with extremely efficient couplers made possible by Super-Nano Cubic Grain Technology. This invention allows improved color sensitivity with the ability to absorb scattered light, providing extremely sharp images. The ETERNA-RDI emulsion technology also achieves less color cross-talk for exacting reproduction. Its expanded latitude and linearity provides superior highlights and shadows in a film stock with exceptional latent image stability.)


Academy Scientific and Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering award)
(For the development and introduction of the F-Series of color negative films covering the range of film speeds from EI 64 to EI 500.)


Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technical/Engineering Development
(For the research and development of a new film technology which led to the introduction of the new high speed color negative film.)
Academy Scientific and Technical Award (Award of Merit)
(For the research, development and introduction of a new Ultra-high-speed color negative film for motion pictures.)