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Godfrey Hounsfield

Date of Birth 28-August-1919
Place of Birth Newark-on-Trent
(United Kingdom, Newark and Sherwood, England)
Nationality England
Profession Electrical engineer, Physicist, Engineer
Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield, CBE, FRS, was an English electrical engineer who shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with Allan McLeod Cormack for his part in developing the diagnostic technique of X-ray computed tomography. His name is immortalised in the Hounsfield scale, a quantitative measure of radiodensity used in evaluating CT scans. The scale is defined in Hounsfield units, running from air at −1000 HU, through water at 0 HU, and up to dense cortical bone at +1000 HU and more.

Awards by Godfrey Hounsfield

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Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
(for the development of computer assisted tomography.)


Gairdner Foundation International Award
(In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the care of patients by the pioneer development of computerized tomography.)


Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award
(For his invention of a computerized X-ray scanning system which makes it possible, for the first time, to image the brain and other soft tissue.)