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ITV Tyne Tees, previously known as Tyne Tees, Channel 3 North East and Tyne Tees Television, is the ITV television franchise for North East England and parts of North Yorkshire. Tyne Tees is owned and operated by ITV plc under the licensee of ITV Broadcasting Limited. The analogue signals in the Tyne Tees region were switched off in 2012, making the station, along with ITV London and UTV, one of the last ITV regions to solely broadcast digitally. Tyne-Tees Television Ltd and Tyne-Tees Television Holdings still legally exist. Each of these companies is, along with most other regional companies owned by ITV plc, listed on as a "Dormant company". Tyne Tees launched on 15 January 1959 from studios at a converted warehouse in City Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, remaining in the city until July 2005 when Tyne Tees moved to smaller studios in Gateshead. Tyne Tees has contributed various programming to the ITV network and Channel 4, as well as its regional output. Some of Tyne Tees best known programming includes the groundbreaking music show The Tube, critically acclaimed adaptations of Catherine Cookson novels, and children's programmes such as Supergran. The ownership and management structure of Tyne Tees has altered across its history, particularly in various mergers with Yorkshire Television. The two stations were managed by Trident Television during the 1970s, and the two stations were merged again in the 1990s to form Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television. A series of takeovers and mergers across the ITV network, instigated by the large groups Granada and Carlton, led to Tyne Tees becoming part of ITV plc in 2004.

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International Emmy Award for Drama
Honored for : The Black Velvet Gown

Nominations 1991 »

Award Nominated Nominated Work
International Emmy Award for Drama The Black Velvet Gown


International Emmy Award for Children & Young People
Honored for : Super Gran

Nominations 1985 »

Award Nominated Nominated Work
International Emmy Award for Children & Young People Super Gran