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Jan Nowak-Jeziora?ski

Date of Birth 03-October-1914
Place of Birth Berlin
Nationality Poland
Also know as Jan Nowak-Jezioranski, Jan Nowak
Profession Journalist
Jan Nowak-Jeziorański was a Polish journalist, writer, politician, social worker and patriot. He served during the Second World War as one of the most notable resistance fighters of the Home Army. He is best remembered for his work as an emissary shuttling between the commanders of the Home Army and the Polish Government in Exile in London and other Allied governments which gained him the nickname "Courier from Warsaw", and for his participation in the Warsaw Uprising. After the war he worked as the head of the Polish section of Radio Free Europe, and later as a security advisor to the US presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. He was born Zdzisław Antoni Jeziorański, but used a number of noms de guerre during the war, the best known of which was Jan Nowak which he later added to his original surname.

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