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John Landquist

John Landquist was a Swedish literary critic, literary scholar, writer and professor of pedagogy and psychology at Lund University 1936–46. When Landquist studied at Uppsala University, he was member of the student organization Les quatre diables together with Sven Lidman, Sigurd Agrell and Harald Brising. Landquist was engaged in Strindbergsfejden and released August Strindberg's works. In 1916 he wrote a Gustaf Fröding monograph and was ready to introduce Sigmund Freud's theory manners in Swedish history of literature. He also translated Freud's works to Swedish. Landquist was 1910–22 married to Elin Wägner and later, from 1938, with Solveig Landquist. Landquist's critical recension of the 1946 book Pippi Långstrump was the beginning of a newspaper debate where people protested against Astrid Lindgren's writing of children books. In 1971 Landquist received "De Nios Stora Pris".

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