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Leonid Hurwicz

Date of Birth 21-August-1917
Place of Birth Moscow
(Russia, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Soviet Union, Moscow Oblast, Europe)
Nationality United States of America, Poland
Profession Scientist, Economist, Professor
Leonid "Leo" Hurwicz was an economist and mathematician, born in Moscow. He originated incentive compatibility and mechanism design, which show how desired outcomes are achieved in economics, social science and political science. Interactions of individuals and institutions, markets and trade are analyzed and understood today using the models Hurwicz developed. To date, Leonid Hurwicz is the oldest Nobel Laureate, having received the prize at the age of 90. Hurwicz was Regents' Professor of Economics at the University of Minnesota. He was among the first economists to recognize the value of game theory and was a pioneer in its application. Hurwicz shared the 2007 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with Eric Maskin and Roger Myerson for their work on mechanism design.

Awards by Leonid Hurwicz

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Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
(for having laid the foundations of mechanism design theory)


National Medal of Science for Behavioral and Social Science
(For his pioneering work on the theory of modern decentralized allocaiton mechanisms.)