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Lydia Shum

Date of Birth 01-June-1945
Place of Birth Shanghai
Nationality China
Also know as Lydia Shum Din-Ha, Shen3 Dian4 Xia2, Lydia Fei Fei, Lydia Sum Tin-Ha, Sum Tin Ha, Sam Din Ha, Tien-hsia Shen, Shum Tin Ha, Ah-Fay, Tin-Ha Shum, Tien Hsia Shen, Tilly Sung, Fei Fei, Sun Tin Ha, Lydia Sham, Dian Xia Shen, Dianhsia Shen, Fei-Fei, Shěn Diànxiá, Sam2 Din6 Haa4, Happy Fruit or Happy Nut, Fei sister, Lydia Sum, Lydia Shum Tin-Ha, 肥肥, 肥姐, 開心果
Profession Actor, Master of Ceremonies, Comedian
Lydia Shum Din-ha or Lydia Sum was a Hong Kong comedienne, MC, and actress known for her portly figure, signature dark rimmed glasses and bouffant hairstyle. She was affectionately known to peers and fans as Fei-fei. She appeared in numerous Hong Kong films and was an iconic TVB entertainer over forty years. For a brief spell in the 1990s, Shum left TVB to work at rival ATV.

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