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Oscar Brand

Date of Birth 07-February-1920
Place of Birth Winnipeg
(Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg Capital Region, Area code 204, Area code 431, Area codes 204 and 431)
Nationality United States of America, Canada
Also know as Brand, Oscar
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Author
Oscar Brand is a folk singer, songwriter, and author. In his career, spanning over 60 years, he has composed at least 300 songs and released nearly 100 albums, among them Canadian and American patriotic songs. Brand's music runs the gamut from novelty songs to serious social commentary and spans a number of genres. He has also written a number of short stories, including: "The Miser's Gold," about two young brothers who dare each other to spend the night in an allegedly haunted house - only to discover that "allegedly" is inapplicable. The boys encounter the ghost of a wealthy but lonely man; greatly amused by their reasons for being there, he names them as heirs to his considerable fortune. "The Hitchhiker," about a young man who, on the way home from a party, picks up a beautiful young woman who turns out to be much more than she seems.

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Peabody Award
(a Personal Award)