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Sergei Parajanov

Date of Birth 09-January-1924
Place of Birth Tbilisi
Nationality Soviet Union
Also know as Sergei Paradshanow, Sarkis Parajanian, Sarkis Hofsepi Paradzhanian, Sergei Yosifovich Paradzhanov, Serhii Yosypovych Paradzhanov, Sergueï Paradjanov, Sergei Paradzhanov, Sergei Paradjanov, Sergei I. Paradjanov, Sarkis Paradzhanyan, Sergei Iosifovich Parajanov, Sergej Paradžanov, Սարգիս Փարաջանյան, Sarkis Paradżanian, Sergei Parajanov, S. Paradjanov, Саркіс Говсепі Параджанян, Серге́й Ио́сифович Параджа́нов, Сергей Параджанов, Сарки́с Параджаня́н, Саркис Параджанян
Profession Film director, Screenwriter
Sergei Parajanov was Soviet Armenian film director and artist who made significant contributions to Ukrainian, Armenian and Georgian cinema. He invented his own cinematic style, which was totally out of step with the guiding principles of socialist realism. This, combined with his controversial lifestyle and behaviour, led Soviet authorities to repeatedly persecute and imprison him, and suppress his films. Although he started professional film-making in 1954, Parajanov later disowned all the films he made before 1964 as "garbage". After directing Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Parajanov became something of an international celebrity and simultaneously a target of attacks from the system. Nearly all of his film projects and plans from 1965 to 1973 were banned, scrapped or closed by the Soviet film administrations, both local and federal, almost without discussion, until he was finally arrested in late 1973 on charges of rape, homosexuality and bribery. He was imprisoned until 1977, despite a plethora of pleas for pardon from various artists. Even after his release he was a persona non grata in Soviet cinema. It was not until the mid-1980s, when the political climate started to relax, that he could resume directing. Still, it required the help of influential Georgian actor Dodo Abashidze and other friends to have his last feature films greenlighted. His health seriously weakened by four years in labor camps and nine months in prison in Tbilisi, Parajanov died of lung cancer in 1990, at a time when, after almost 20 years of suppression, his films were being featured at foreign film festivals. "Everyone knows that I have three Motherlands. I was born in Georgia, worked in Ukraine and I'm going to die in Armenia." - Sergei Parajanov, 1988.

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Nika Award for Best Production Designer
Honored for : Ashik Kerib
Nika Award for Best Film
Honored for : Ashik Kerib
Nika Award for Best Director
Honored for : Ashik Kerib

Nominations 1989 »

Award Nominated Nominated Work
Nika Award for Best Film Ashik Kerib
Nika Award for Best Director Ashik Kerib
Nika Award for Best Production Designer Ashik Kerib


Nominations 1988 »

Award Nominated Nominated Work
European Film Award for Best Director Ashik Kerib