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Stephanie Syjuco

Stephanie Syjuco is mixed-media conceptual artist based in San Francisco. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and Stanford University. She creates large-scale spectacles of collected cultural objects, cumulative archives, and temporary vending installations, often with an active public component that invites viewers to directly participate as producers or distributors. Working primarily in sculpture and installation, her projects leverage open-source systems, shareware logic, and flows of capital, creating frictions between high ideals and everyday materials. Notable projects include: "Comparative Morphologies", exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in which dissected and mutated computer mice, cables, and connectors were portrayed in the style of a 19th century botanical print "Multi-User Interfaces" and "Non-Specific Product Units", a collection of small objects, each built in the familiar woodgrain-and-black-plastic style of late 20th century consumer electronics, but with no apparent function "Black Markets", a series of re-imagined shops: photographs of marketplaces with the products digitally blacked out, and museum installations with the familiar decor and shelving design of a high-end boutique, but displaying unidentifiable lumps of "merchandise" wrapped in black papier-mache.

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