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Thomas Eisner

Date of Birth 25-June-1929
Place of Birth Berlin
Nationality United States of America, Germany
Thomas Eisner was a German-American entomologist and ecologist, known as the "father of chemical ecology." He was a Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Chemical Ecology at Cornell University, and Director of the Cornell Institute for Research in Chemical Ecology. He was a world authority on animal behavior, ecology, and evolution, and, together with his Cornell colleague, Jerrold Meinwald, was one of the pioneers of chemical ecology, the discipline dealing with the chemical interactions of organisms. He was author or co-author of some 400 scientific articles and seven books.

Awards by Thomas Eisner

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John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science
(Ecology. For pathbreaking studies of the myriad ways that organisms utilize chemistry to mediate ecological interactions and providing a foundation for the field of chemical ecology.)


National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences
(For his seminal contributions in the fields of insect behavior and chemical ecology, and for his international efforts on biodiversity.)