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Walter H. Schottky

Date of Birth 23-July-1886
Place of Birth Zürich
(Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, Zürich District)
Nationality Germany
Also know as Walter Schottky
Profession Physicist, Electrical engineer, Engineer
Walter Hermann Schottky was a German physicist who played a major early role in developing the theory of electron and ion emission phenomena, invented the screen-grid vacuum tube in 1915 and the pentode in 1919 while working at Siemens, co-invented the ribbon microphone and ribbon loudspeaker along with Dr. Gerwin Erlach in 1924 and later made many significant contributions in the areas of semiconductor devices, technical physics and technology.

Awards by Walter H. Schottky

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Hughes Medal
(For his discovery of the Schrot Effect in thermionic emission and his invention of the screen-grid tetrode and a superheterodyne method of receiving wireless signals.)