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Westinghouse Broadcasting

The Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, also known as Group W, was the broadcasting division of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. It owned several radio and television stations across the United States and distributed television shows for syndication. Westinghouse Broadcasting was formed in the 1920s as Westinghouse Radio Stations, Inc. It was renamed Westinghouse Broadcasting Company in 1954, and adopted the Group W moniker on May 20, 1963. It was a self-contained entity within the Westinghouse corporate structure; while the parent company was headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Westinghouse Broadcasting maintained headquarters in New York City. It kept national sales offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. Group W stations are best known for using a distinctive corporate typeface, introduced in 1963, for their logos and on-air imaging. Similarly styled typefaces had been used on some non-Group W stations as well and several former Group W stations still use it today. The Group W corporate typeface is closely, but not accurately, mimicked in Ray Larabie's freeware font "Anklepants." The font is also used in the video game Damnation. Westinghouse Broadcasting was also well known for two long-running television programs, the Mike Douglas Show and PM Magazine.

Awards by Westinghouse Broadcasting

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Peabody Award
Honored for : Call It Macaroni


Peabody Award
Honored for : Breakdown


Peabody Award
Honored for : One Nation Indivisible


Peabody Award
(Boston Conference on Programming and the High Quality of Its Public Service Broadcasting)