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XOrbit, Inc., a privately held organization, claims to strive toward improving the quality of closed caption technologies for the hearing impaired, a U.S. Federal Communications Commission requirement for broadcasters. XOrbit develops and promotes products that purportedly eases the improvement and quality of closed captioning services for broadcast and cable television channels at a lower cost than traditional techniques. For example, they provide a product that prevents broadcasters from having to re-encode line21 captioning information into media whenever a change to the captioning is made. They also provide a product that allows stenographers to send captioning for a live event without requiring a satellite feed for the audio/video content. In 2003, Turner Entertainment gained a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for XOrbit's closed caption server technology. In 2009, XOrbit was awarded a National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for Real-Time Delivery Confirmation Systems, a service to ensure that content reaches the end viewer as transmitted.

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