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1949 Edgar Award

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1949 Edgar Awards

Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American Author

Mildred B. Davis

Honored for : The Room Upstairs

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Nominee Nominated Work
Mildred B. Davis The Room Upstairs
Richard Ellington Shoot the Works
Herbert Brean Wilders Walk Away
Edgar Award for Best Radio Drama

John Roeburt

Honored for : Inner Sanctum Mystery

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Nominee Nominated Work
John Roeburt Inner Sanctum Mystery
Robert Arthur, Jr. The Mysterious Traveler
Edgar Award for Best Foreign Film

Henri-Georges Clouzot

Honored for : Quai des Orfèvres
Edgar Award for Outstanding Mystery Criticism

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Nominee Nominated Work
James Sandoe
Isaac Anderson
Angelica Gibbs
William P. McGivern
Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay

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Nominee Nominated Work
Jerome Cady Call Northside 777
Jay Dratler Call Northside 777
Henry Hathaway Call Northside 777
Leonard Hoffman Call Northside 777
Otto Lang Call Northside 777
Quentin Reynolds Call Northside 777
Arthur Laurents Rope
Lucille Fletcher Sorry, Wrong Number
Jonathan Latimer The Big Clock
Special Edgars Award

Clayton Rawson

(Clue Magazine)
Special Edgars Award

Marie Rodell

(Editor of Regional Murder Series)
Special Edgars Award

Arthur Alexander Stoughton

(President of Bronx Society of Arts & Sciences and Cottage of Fordham's Custodian)
Special Edgars Award

Peter W. Williams

(Creator of the Edgar Bust)