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1984 Lasker Award

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Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research

Michael Potter

(For his fundamental research in the genetics of immunoglobulin molecules and for paving the way for the development of hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies.)
Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research

Georges J. F. Köhler

(For his imaginative concepts and painstaking experiments which produced the first hybridoma and made possible monoclonal antibody technology.)
Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research

César Milstein

(For his superb achievement in creating the first hybridomas, a powerful new scientific tool.)
Mary Woodard Lasker Award for Public Service

Henry Heimlich

(For developing the Heimlich Maneuver, which has prevented many thousands of needless deaths.)
Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award

Paul Lauterbur

(For his key theoretical and technical contributions, which made possible a completely new, versatile, and non-invasive form of medical imaging, based on nuclear magnetic resonance.)