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For over 99 years, the National Board of Review, with no commercial ties to the motion-picture industry, has dedicated its efforts to the support of film, domestic and foreign, as both art and entertainment. Our nonprofit organization celebrates the distinctive voice of the individual artist, honoring excellence and supporting freedom of expression in film. The Board's core activities include presentation of educational film programs, as well as the award of scholarships and grants to promising film students and directors.NBR members annually view and rate over 280 films: theatrical and made for cable, independent and major studio, documentary and foreign language. The screening membership comprises film professionals, educators, students, and historians. Frequently, in-depth discussions with filmmakers, directors, actors, producers, or screenwriters follow screenings. At year's end, members receive a list of all films screened, along with final ballots, which are tallied by the awards committee in order to determine annual honorees.

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