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1982 Nebula Awards

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1983 Nebula Awards Ceremony

Nebula Award for Best Novel

Michael Bishop

Honored for : No Enemy But Time

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Robert A. Heinlein Friday
Brian Aldiss Helliconia Spring
Isaac Asimov Foundation's Edge
Michael Bishop No Enemy But Time
Philip K. Dick The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
Gene Wolfe The Sword of the Lictor
Nebula Award for Best Novelette

Connie Willis

Honored for : Fire Watch

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Connie Willis Fire Watch
J. G. Ballard Myths of the Near Future
Joanna Russ The Mystery of the Young Gentleman
William Gibson Burning Chrome
Thomas M. Disch Understanding Human Behavior
Bruce Sterling Swarm
Nebula Award for Best Short Story

Connie Willis

Honored for : A Letter from the Clearys

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Greg Bear Petra
Robert Silverberg The Pope of the Chimps
Barry N. Malzberg Corridors
Connie Willis A Letter from the Clearys
Howard Waldrop God's Hooks!
Jack Dann High Steel
Jack C. Haldeman II High Steel
Nebula Award for Best Novella

John Kessel

Honored for : Another Orphan

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Joanna Russ Souls
Fritz Leiber Horrible Imaginings
Brad Linaweaver Moon of Ice
John Kessel Another Orphan
George R. R. Martin Unsound Variations