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1927 Nobel Prize

Check winners and nominees of 1927 Nobel Prize. Check awards winners of 1927 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and 1927 Nobel Prize Ceremony. (Click on the Award name to show winners and nominees)

Check Nobel Prize winners & nominees for 1927 award ceremonies 1927 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and 1927 Nobel Prize Ceremony.
1927 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 1927 Nobel Prize Ceremony

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Nobel Peace Prize

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Nobel Prize in Physics

Charles Thomson Rees Wilson

(for his method of making the paths of electrically charged particles visible by condensation of vapour)
Nobel Prize in Literature

Henri Bergson

(in recognition of his rich and vitalizing ideas and the brillant skill with which they have been presented)

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Nominee Nominated Work
Ada Negri
Arno Holz
Cesare Pascarella
Concha Espina de la Serna
Edith Wharton
Édouard Estaunié
Eduard Meyer
Edward Westermarck
Erwin Guido Kolbenheyer
Ferenc Herczeg
Grazia Deledda
Guglielmo Ferrero
Henri Bergson
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Johannes Vilhelm Jensen
Josip Kosor
Kostis Palamas
Olaf Bull
Olav Duun
Paul Ernst
Rudolf Maria Holzapfel
Samuel P. Scott
Thomas Hardy
Vilhelm Peter Grønbech
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Julius Wagner-Jauregg

(for his discovery of the therapeutic value of malaria inoculation in the treatment of dementia paralytica)
Nobel Prize in Physics

Arthur Compton

(for his discovery of the effect named after him)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Heinrich Otto Wieland

(for his investigations of the constitution of the bile acids and related substances)