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1979 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Jean Leray

(for pioneering work on the development and application of topological methods to the study of differential equations.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

André Weil

(for his inspired introduction of algebraic-geometric methods to the theory of numbers.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

George Uhlenbeck

(for his discovery, jointly with the late S.A. Goudsmit, of the electron spin.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Giuseppe Occhialini

(for his contributions to the discoveries of electron pair production and of the charged pion.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Jay Laurence Lush

(for his outstanding and pioneering contributions to the application of genetics to livestock improvement;)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Sir Kenneth Blaxter

(for his fundamental contributions to the science and practice of ruminant nutrition and livestock production.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Herman Francis Mark

(for his contributions to understanding the structure and behavior of natural and synthetic polymers.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Roger Wolcott Sperry

(for his studies on the functional differentiation of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Arvid Carlsson

(for his work which established the role of dopamine as a neurotransmitter.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Oleh Hornykiewicz

(for opening a new approach in the control of Parkinson's disease by L-Dopa.)
Wolf Prize in Arts