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1980 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Medicine

César Milstein, Leo Sachs, James Learmonth Gowans

(for their contributions to knowledge of the function and disfunction of the body cells through their studies on the immunological role of the lymphocytes, the development of specific antibodies and the elucidation of mechanisms governing the control and differentiation of normal and cancer cells.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Henri Cartan

(for pioneering work in algebraic topology, complex variables, homological algebra and inspired leadership of a generation of mathematicians.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Andrey Kolmogorov

(for deep and original discoveries in Fourier analysis, probability theory, ergodic theory and dynamical systems.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Karl Maramorosch

(for his pioneering and wide-ranging studies on interactions between insects and disease agents in plants.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Henry Eyring

(for his development of absolute rate theory and its imaginative applications to chemical and physical processes.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Michael Fisher, Leo Kadanoff, Kenneth G. Wilson

(for pathbreaking developments culminating in the general theory of the critical behavior at transitions between the different thermodynamic phases of matter.)
Wolf Prize in Arts