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1984 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Kunihiko Kodaira

(for his outstanding contributions to the study of complex manifolds and algebraic varieties.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Hans Lewy

(for initiating many, now classic and essential, developments in partial differential equations.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Robert H. Burris

(for his pioneering fundamental research on the mechanisms of biological nitrogen fixation and its application in crop production.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Rudolph A. Marcus

(for his contributions to chemical kinetics, especially the theories of unimolecular reactions and electron transfer reactions.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Donald F. Steiner

(for his discoveries concerning the bio-synthesis and processing of insulin which have had profound implications for basic biology and clinical medicine.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Eduardo Chillida

(sculpture - His sculpture, expressing a fruitful imagination and a practical beauty of forms, combines tradition and innovation in a contemporary guise.)