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1986 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Elias James Corey

(for outstanding research on the synthesis of many highly complex natural products and the demonstration of novel ways of thinking about such syntheses.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Samuel Eilenberg

(for his fundamental work in algebraic topology and homological algebra.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Atle Selberg

(for his profound and original work on number theory and on discrete groups and automorphic forms.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Mitchell Feigenbaum

(for his pioneering theoretical studies demonstrating the universal character of non-linear systems, which has made possible the systematic study of chaos.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Albert J. Libchaber

(for his brilliant experimental demonstration of the transition to turbulence and chaos in dynamical systems.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Albert Eschenmoser

(for outstanding research on the synthesis, stereochemistry and reaction mechanisms for formation of natural products, especially Vitamin-B12.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Osamu Hayaishi

(for his discovery of the oxygenase enzymes and elucidation of their structure and biological importance.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Ralph Riley, Ernest R. Sears

(for their fundamental research in cytogenetics of wheat, providing the basis for genetic improvement of cereal grains.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Jasper Johns

(Painting - One of the leading and most influential figures of Pop Art in the world since its inception.)