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1991 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Shang Fa Yang

(For remarkable contributions to the understanding of the mechanism of biosynthesis, mode of action and applications of the plant hormone, Ethylene.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Richard R. Ernst

(For his revolutionary contributions to NMR spectroscopy, especially Fourier-transform and two-dimensional NMR)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Alexander Pines

(For his revolutionary contributions to NMR spectroscopy, especially multiple-quantum and high-spin NMR.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Seymour Benzer

(For having generated a new field of molecular neurogenetics by his pioneering research on the dissection of the nervous system and behavior by gene mutations.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Maurice Goldhaber, Valentine Telegdi

(For their separate seminal contributions to nuclear and particle physics, particularly those concerning the weak interactions involving leptons.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Yehudi Menuhin

(Music - one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century, his unforgettable interpretations and humanitarian activities contributed significantly to bringing nations together through musical education, enlightening peoples and elevating cultural levels throughout the world.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Luciano Berio

(Music - one of the greatest composers of our generation, he is also recognized and admired worldwide as interpreter, conductor, Iecturer and writer whose new ideas, in an age of deva luation of human values, help to bring closer nations, cultures and generations.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics