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1992 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Arts

Jørn Utzon

(Architecture - his architecture, rooted in deep reading of human cultures, has given shape to processes of ritual and assembly in forms of haunting presence.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Joseph Hooton Taylor, Jr.

(For his discovery of an orbiting radio pulsar and its exploitation to verify the general theory of relativity to high precision.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Lennart Carleson

(For his fundamental contributions to Fourier analysis, complex analysis, quasiconformal mappings and dynamical systems.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

John G. Thompson

(For his profound contributions to all aspects of finite group theory and connections with other branches of mathematics.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

John Pople

(For his outstanding contributions to Theoretical Chemistry, particularly in developing effective and widely used modern quantum - chemical methods.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Judah Folkman

(For his discoveries which originated the concept and developed the field of angiogenesis research.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Denys Lasdun

(Architecture - with architecture as a social art, he enhances the relations between people through primary architectural means that far transcend style.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Frank Gehry

(Architecture - creating architecture as art and sculpture, he embodies the fight for liberation destroying dogma, principle and method.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture