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1995 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Physics

Vitaly Ginzburg

(For his contributions to the theory of superconductivity and to the theory of high-energy processes in astrophysics.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Robert Langlands

(For his path-blazing work and extraordinary insight in the fields of number theory, automorphic forms and group representation.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Andrew Wiles

(For spectacular contributions to number theory and related fields, major advances on undamental conjectures, and for settling FermatĀ“s last theorem.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Yoichiro Nambu

(For his contribution to elementary particle theory, including recognition of the role played by spontaneous symmetry-breaking in analogy with superconductivity theory, and the discovery of the color symmetry of the strong interactions.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Morris Schnitzer, Frank J. Stevenson

(For their pioneering contributions to our understanding of the chemistry of soil organic matter and its application to agriculture.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Michael Berridge, Yasutomi Nishizuka

(For their discoveries concerning cellular transmembrane signalling involving phospholipids and calcium.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Gilbert Stork, Samuel J. Danishefsky

(For designing and developing novel chemical reactions which have opened new avenues to the synthesis of the synthesis of complex molecules, particularly polysaccharides and many other biologically and medicinally important compounds.)
Wolf Prize in Physics
Wolf Prize in Arts