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2000 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Raoul Bott

(For his deep discoveries in topology and differential geometry and their applications to Lie groups, differential operators and mathematical physics.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Jean-Pierre Serre

(For his many fundamental contributions to topology, algebraic geometry, algebra, and number theory and for his inspirational lectures and writing.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

F. Albert Cotton

(For opening up an entirely new phase of transition metal chemistry based on pairs and clusters of metal atoms directly linked by single or multiple bonds.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Pierre Boulez

(Music - one of the most creative living personalities in the realm of music.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Riccardo Muti

(Music - one of the most outstanding conductors of our time.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Raymond Davis, Jr., Masatoshi Koshiba

(For their pioneering observations of astronomical phenomena by detection of neutrinos, thus creating the emerging field of neutrino astronomy.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Gurdev Khush

(For his extraordinary contribution to theoretical research in plant genetics, evolution and breeding especially of rice, with regard to food production and alleviation of hunger.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine