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2001 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Vladimir Arnold

(For his deep and influential work in a multitude of areas of mathematics, including dynamical systems, differential equations, and singularity theory.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Saharon Shelah

(For his many fundamental contributions to mathematical logic and set theory, and their applications within other parts of mathematics.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Roger N. Beachy, James E. Womack

(For the use of recombinant DNA technology, to revolutionize plant (Beachy) and animal (Womack) sciences, paving the way for applications to neighboring fields.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Avram Hershko, Alexander Varshavsky

(For the discovery of the ubiquitin system of intracellular protein degradation and the crucial functions of this system in cellular regulation.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Henri B. Kagan, Ry?ji Noyori, Karl Barry Sharpless

(for their pioneering, creative and crucial work in developing asymmetric catalysis for the synthesis of chiral molecules, greatly increasing mankind's ability to create new products of fundamental and practical importance.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Álvaro Siza Vieira

(Architecture - for the critical relevance of his typically responsive architecture to the continual transformation of both landscape and urban fabric.)
Wolf Prize in Physics