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2004 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Medicine

Roger Y. Tsien

(For his seminal contribution to the design and biological application of novel fluorescent and photolabile molecules to analyze and perturb cell signal transduction.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Harry B. Gray

(For pioneering work in bio-inorganic chemistry, unravelling novel principles of structure and long-range electron transfer in proteins.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Robert Weinberg

(For his discovery that cancer cells including human tumor cells, carry somatically mutated genes-oncogenes that operate to drive their malignant proliferation.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Robert Brout, François Englert, Peter Higgs

(For pioneering work that has led to the insight of mass generation, whenever a local gauge symmetry is realized asymmetrically in the world of sub-atomic particles.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Yuan Longping, Steven D. Tanksley

(For innovative development of hybrid rice and discovery of the genetic basis of heterosis in this important food staple.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Mstislav Rostropovich

(Music - a person of profound musical and humanitarian commitment, who has distinguished himself as one of the great musicians of our time.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Daniel Barenboim

(Music - a cellist, conductor, pianist and exceptional human being, who has created a career of monumental proportions.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics