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2006 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Physics

Albert Fert, Peter Grünberg

(For their independent discovery of the giant magnetoresistance phenomenon (GMR), thereby launching a new field of research and applications known as spintronics, which utilizes the spin of the electron to store and transport information.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Stephen Smale

(For his groundbreaking contributions that have played a fundamental role in shaping differential topology, dynamical systems, mathematical economics, and other subjects in mathematics.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Ronald L. Phillips, Michel A. J. Georges

(For groundbreaking discoveries in genetics and genomics, laying the foundations for improvements in crop and livestock breeding, and sparking important advances in plant and animal sciences.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Hillel Furstenberg

(For his profound contributions to ergodic theory, probability, topological dynamics, analysis on symmetric spaces and homogenous flows.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Ada Yonath, George Feher

(For ingenious structural discoveries of the ribosomal machinery of peptide-bond formation and the light-driven primary processes in photosynthesis.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine
Wolf Prize in Arts