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2012 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Physics

Jacob Bekenstein

(For his work on astronomical super-massive objects called \u201Cblack holes\u201D that showed they can possess a statistical-thermodynamic property called entropy even though the internal dynamics could not be known. This work created an entire field of black hole dynamics which has become a cornerstone in the important theoretical physics areas of quantum gravity and strings.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Paul Alivisatos

(For developing the colloidal inorganic nanocrystal as a building block of nanoscience making fundamental contributions to controlling the synthesis of these particles, to measuring and understanding their physical properties, and to utilizing their unique properties for applications ranging from light generation and harvesting to biological imaging.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Charles M. Lieber

(For developing new methods to control the shape and heterostructure of nanowires, for characterizing their physical properties, and for demonstrating their potential applications.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Plácido Domingo

(Music - for his powerful, multicolored voice that retains its purity and clarity at all registers.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Simon Rattle

(Music - a leading international figure among today\u2019s conductors. His name precedes him as a perfectionist in performing a broad range of music compositions, and he is highly acclaimed all over the world by musicians who have performed under his baton, as by the listener audience. He is considered unique in the scope of his repertoire, which he performs at such high standards.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Michael Aschbacher

(Michael Aschbacher is a principal architect of the classification of finite simple groups. His Impact on the theory of finite groups is extraordinary in its breadth, depth and beauty.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Luis Caffarelli

(Luis Caffarelli produced outstanding, visionary, original and fundamental work on partial differential equations, in particular on regularity for elliptic and parabolic equations, free boundary problems and fluid mechanics.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Ronald M. Evans

(For his discovery of the gene super-family encoding nuclear receptors and elucidating the mechanism of action of this class of receptors.)