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Jean-Pierre Changeux

Date of Birth 06-April-1936
Place of Birth Domont
(ÃŽle-de-France, Val-d'Oise)
Nationality France
Profession Neuroscientist
Jean-Pierre Changeux is a French neuroscientist known for his research in several fields of biology, from the structure and function of proteins, to the early development of the nervous system up to cognitive functions. Although being famous in biological sciences for the MWC model, the identification and purification of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and the theory of epigenesis by synapse selection are also notable scientific achievements. Changeux is known by the non-scientific public for his ideas regarding the connection between mind and physical brain. As put forth in his book, Conversations on Mind, Matter and Mathematics, Changeux strongly supports the view that the nervous system functions in a projective rather than reactive style and that interaction with the environment, rather than being instructive, results in the selection amongst a diversity of preexisting internal representations.

Awards by Jean-Pierre Changeux

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NAS Award in the Neurosciences
(For the pioneering discovery that fast-acting neurotransmitters mediate their effects through allosteric regulation of the neurotransmitter protein.)


Balzan Prize for Biological sciences
(Cognitive neurosciences)


Wolf Prize in Medicine
(for the isolation, purification and characterization of the acetylcholine receptor.)


Gairdner Foundation International Award
(In recognition of his pioneering work in purifying and elucidating the mechanisms of the cholinergic receptor.)