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1955 Hugo Awards

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1955 Hugo Awards Ceremony

Hugo Award for Best Novel

Mark Clifton, Frank Riley

Honored for : They'd Rather Be Right

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Nominee Nominated Work
Frank Riley They'd Rather Be Right
Mark Clifton They'd Rather Be Right
Hugo Award for Best Professional Magazine

John W. Campbell

Honored for : Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Hugo Award for Best Fanzine

James V. Taurasi, Sr., Ray Van Houten

Honored for : Fantasy Times

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
James V. Taurasi, Sr. Fantasy Times
Ray Van Houten Fantasy Times
Hugo Award for Best Short Story

Eric Frank Russell

Honored for : Allamagoosa
Hugo Award for Best Novelette

Walter M. Miller, Jr.

Honored for : The Darfsteller
Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist