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Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show / Informative

Daytime Emmy Award

The Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Informative is an award presented annually by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. It was first awarded at the 35th Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony, held in 2008 and it is given in honor of a talk show that is in the informative nature. The award replaced the more generic Outstanding Talk Show category, which in 2007 was spilt into two different categories: this award and Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment. The Dr. Oz Show holds the record for the most awards, winning on three occasions. The talk show is also the most recent recipient of this award, having won in 2013. The Doctors has been nominated on five occasions, more than any other talk show in this category.

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Nominations 2014 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Gordon Elliott The Chew
Aimee Rosen Householder The Chew
Paul Starke The Chew
Shelley Hoffmann The Chew
Ashley Archer The Chew
Jevon Bruh The Chew
Vaia Abatzis The Chew
Maggie Barnes The Chew
Laurie Ciaffaglione The Chew
Dan Flanagan The Chew
Suzanne Glickstein The Chew
Brett Harris The Chew
Bill Herlihy The Chew
Becky Horvath The Chew
Kevin Mendlin The Chew
Leslie Peirez The Chew
Jackie Rothong The Chew
Bjoern Stejskal The Chew
Jennifer Stryker The Chew
Martha Tinkler The Chew
John Tumino The Chew
Lawrence Weibman The Chew
Zeke Williams The Chew
Jessica Zaino The Chew
Mark Schneider The Chew
Anthony Underwood The Chew
Mindy Moore The Dr. Oz Show
Amy Chiaro The Dr. Oz Show
Laurie Rich The Dr. Oz Show
Eric Beesemyer The Dr. Oz Show
Mehmet Oz The Dr. Oz Show
Cali Alpert The Dr. Oz Show
Andrea D'Ambrosio The Dr. Oz Show
Stacy Rader The Dr. Oz Show
Stefanie Schwartz The Dr. Oz Show
Susan Wagner The Dr. Oz Show
Michele Wasserman The Dr. Oz Show
Anita Pepper The Dr. Oz Show
James Avenell The Dr. Oz Show
Kevin Blond The Dr. Oz Show
Christine Byun The Dr. Oz Show
Andrea Chessler The Dr. Oz Show
Cathy Daniel The Dr. Oz Show
Annie Digregorio The Dr. Oz Show
Kirk Fernandes The Dr. Oz Show
John Filimon The Dr. Oz Show
Julia Fought The Dr. Oz Show
Nicole Giambrone The Dr. Oz Show
Susan Henry The Dr. Oz Show
Brooke Jacobsen The Dr. Oz Show
Lindsey Kotler The Dr. Oz Show
Chris Molen The Dr. Oz Show
Lauren Rivera The Dr. Oz Show
Ali Perry The Dr. Oz Show
Nicole Romanella The Dr. Oz Show
Scott Starr The Dr. Oz Show
Ann Varney The Dr. Oz Show
Jon Coniglio The Dr. Oz Show
Carla Pennington Dr. Phil
Phil McGraw Dr. Phil
Angie Kraus Dr. Phil
Astra Austin Dr. Phil
Kathy Giaconia Dr. Phil
Melissa Key Dr. Phil
John Perry Dr. Phil
Edward Santos Dr. Phil
Justin Arluck Dr. Phil
Stephanie Granader Dr. Phil
Jacklyn Pratt Dr. Phil
Julie Ross Dr. Phil
Beth Thompson Grealy Dr. Phil
Alex Williamson Dr. Phil
John Francis Heinz Dr. Phil
Marsha Armstrong Dr. Phil
Nina Bhargava Dr. Phil
Leah Rothman Dr. Phil
Russell Stemper Dr. Phil
Stacy Tobin Dr. Phil
Anthony Virga Dr. Phil
Tien Brunelle Dr. Phil
Jesse Green Dr. Phil
Sarah Carden Dr. Phil
Amy Joe Dr. Phil
Rich de Michele Dr. Phil
Daniel Dobson Dr. Phil
Sarah Rogers Dr. Phil
Michael Lutz Dr. Phil
Tami Frymark Dr. Phil
Steve Harvey Steve Harvey
Alex Duda Steve Harvey
Rushion McDonald Steve Harvey
Jason Kurtz Steve Harvey
Kareen Gunning Steve Harvey
Kevin Boyer Steve Harvey
Kevin Burke Steve Harvey
Kim Gagne Steve Harvey
Tracey Slates Steve Harvey
Sushupti Yalamanchili Steve Harvey
Michelle Barnard Steve Harvey
Kevin Hurley Steve Harvey
Leah Kaplan Kohn Steve Harvey
Melinda Leonas Steve Harvey
Julie Maddox Steve Harvey
Suzie Munson Steve Harvey
Brooke Turner Steve Harvey
Nancy Vaden Steve Harvey
Jock Hedblade Steve Harvey
Anneke Mills Steve Harvey
Rachel Winn Steve Harvey