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The Canada Award is presented by Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television during its Gemini Awards to honour excellence in "mainstream" English-language television programming that "reflects the racial and cultural diversity of Canada." It was introduced in 1988 as the Multiculturalism Award, and renamed in 1996. National Film Board of Canada productions and co-productions have won approximately half of all Canada Awards.

Check all the winners of Canada Award presented under Gemini Awards since 1992 .

John Whiteway, John Paskievich

Honored for : The Storytelling Class

Christina Fon, Catherine Bainbridge, Linda Ludwick, Ernest Webb

Honored for : Independent Lens
(Reel Injun)

Club Native

Kent Martin, Mark Sandiford

Honored for : Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny

Zarqa Nawaz, Mary Darling, Clark Donnelly, Susan Alexander, Michael Snook

Honored for : Little Mosque on the Prairie

Michael Scott, Anand Ramayya, Melanie Jackson, Dennis Jackson

Honored for : Wapos Bay: The Series
(There's No I In Hockey)

Tasha Hubbard, Bonnie Thompson

Honored for : Two Worlds Colliding

Anand Ramayya, Joseph MacDonald

Honored for : Cosmic Current

Gerald Packer, Liam Romalis

Honored for : Carry Me Home: The Story & Music of the Nathaniel Dett Chorale

Karen King, Cyrus Sundar Singh

Honored for : Film Club

Karin Lee, Shan Tam

Honored for : Made in China: The Story of Adopted Children from China

Karen King, Jari Osbourne

Honored for : Unwanted Soldiers

Lesley Ann Patten, Kent Martin

Honored for : Loyalties

Brian Dennis

Honored for : The Rez
(Season 2 They Call Her Tanya)

Selwyn Jacob, Dale Phillips

Honored for : The Road Taken

Gary Marcuse

Honored for : The Mind of a Child

Allan Code, Mary Code

Honored for : Nuhoniyeh: Our Story

Nancy Trites-Botkin, Joseph MacDonald

Honored for : For Angela

Marilyn A. Belec, Sylvia Hamilton, Mike Mahoney

Honored for : Speak It! From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia

Peter Flemington, Rita Deverell

Honored for : It's About Time