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Governor General's Award for English-language drama

Governor General's Awards

This is a list of recipients of the Governor General's Award for English-language drama. The award was created in 1981 when the Governor General's Award for English language poetry or drama was divided.
Date Established : 1981

Check all the winners of Governor General's Award for English-language drama presented under Governor General's Awards since 1981 .

Robert Chafe

Honored for : Afterimage

Kevin Loring

Honored for : Where The Blood Mixes

Catherine Banks

Honored for : Bone Cage

Colleen Murphy

Honored for : The December Man

Daniel MacIvor

Honored for : I Still Love You

John Mighton

Honored for : Half life

Morris Panych

Honored for : Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

Vern Thiessen

Honored for : Einstein's Gift

Kevin Kerr

Honored for : Unity (1918)

Kent Stetson

Honored for : The Harps of God

Timothy Findley

Honored for : Elizabeth Rex

Michael Healey

Honored for : The Drawer Boy

Djanet Sears

Honored for : Harlem duet

Ian Ross

Honored for : Farewel

Colleen Wagner

Honored for : The Monument

Jason Sherman

Honored for : Three in the back, two in the head

Morris Panych

Honored for : The Ends of the Earth

Guillermo Verdecchia

Honored for : Fronteras Americanas

John Mighton

Honored for : Possible Worlds

Joan MacLeod

Honored for : Amigo's Blue Guitar

Ann-Marie MacDonald

Honored for : Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

Judith Thompson

Honored for : The other side of the dark

George F. Walker

Honored for : Nothing sacred

John Krizanc

Honored for : Prague

Sharon Pollock

Honored for : Doc

George F. Walker

Honored for : George F. Walker's Criminals in love

Judith Thompson

Honored for : White Biting Dog

Anne Chislett

Honored for : Quiet in the land

John MacLachlan Gray

Honored for : Billy Bishop Goes to War

Sharon Pollock

Honored for : Blood relations and other plays