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Max Planck Medal

Max Planck Medal

The Max Planck medal is the highest award of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft; the world's largest organization of physicists; for extraordinary achievements in theoretical physics. It is awarded annually. The winner is awarded with gold medal and hand-written parchment.
Date Established : 1929

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Robert Graham

(For his contributions in the areas of quantum optics, the statistical mechanics of open stationary systems outside thermodynamic equilibrium, quantum fluids and quantum gases as well as quantum chaos (according to the Laudatio of the Max Planck medal 2009)[1] and his contributions to quantum aspects of cosmology and gravitation.)

Joel Lebowitz

(For his important contributions to the statistical physics of equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems, in particular his contributions to the theory of phase transitions, the dynamics of infinite systems, and the stationary non-equilibrium states and for his promoting of new directions of this field at its farthest front, and for enthusiastically introducing several generations of scientists to the field.)

Wolfgang Götze

(For his contributions to the theory of condensed matter, especially to mode-coupling theory.)

Peter Zoller

(for his achievements in the field of quantum optics and quantum information and especially for his pioneering work on quantum computers and quantum communication.)

Harry Lehmann

(For extraordinary achievements in theoretical physics.)