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Onze d'Or

The Onze d'Or is a football award handed out by French magazine Onze Mondial at the end of the year since 1976. The readers select the Onze de Onze and among those players they choose the top three, who receive the Onze d'Or, Onze d'Argent, and Onze de Bronze respectively. Any player in a European league is eligible. Since 1991, there has also been a vote for Coach of the Year, and at the 20-year anniversary of the magazine in 1995, a Super Onze d'Or was chosen among the winners of the Onze d'Or. Until 2009, the award was given in December. Since then, the award is given in June, which explains why there was no winner in 2010. The last Onze d'Or was given in 2012, the winner was Lionel Messi.

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Onze d'Or


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