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Valeriya Gai Germanika

Date of Birth 01-March-1984
Place of Birth Moscow
(Russia, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Soviet Union, Moscow Oblast, Europe)
Nationality Russia, Soviet Union
Also know as Valeriya Gay Germanika, Valeriya Gay-Germanika, Valeriya Gaius Germanica, Valeriya Igorevna Dudinskaya, Valerija Gaj Germanika, Valeria Gai Germanika, Valeria Gaïa Germanica, Valeriya Gai Alexandrovna Germanika, �’�°�»�µÑ€�¸Ñ� �“�°�¹ �“�µÑ€�¼�°�½�¸�º�°, �’�°�»�µÌ�Ñ€�¸Ñ� �“�°�¹ �“�µÑ€�¼�°Ì��½�¸�º, �’�°�»�µÑ€�¸Ñ� �˜�³�¾Ñ€�µ�²�½�° ��у�´�¸�½Ñ��º�°Ñ�, �’�°�»�µÌ�Ñ€�¸Ñ� �˜Ì��³�¾Ñ€�µ�²�½�° ��у�´�¸Ì��½Ñ��º�°Ñ�, �’�°�»�µÑ€Ñ–Ñ� �†�³�¾Ñ€Ñ–�²�½�° ��у�´�¸�½Ñ�ÑŒ�º�°, �’�°�»�µÑ€Ñ–Ñ� ��у�´�¸�½Ñ�ÑŒ�º�°, �’�°�»�µÑ€Ñ–Ñ� �“�°�¹ �ž�»�µ�ºÑ��°�½�´Ñ€Ñ–�²�½�° �“�µÑ€�¼�°�½Ñ–�º�°
Profession Film Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Film Editor, Cinematographer, Writer, Television presenter, Presenter
Valeriya Gai Alexandrovna Germanika is a Russian film director dedicated to the topics of coming-of-age. She was awarded multiple awards for the Everybody Dies But Me.

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Nika Award for Discovery of the Year
Honored for : Everybody Dies But Me

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Nika Award for Discovery of the Year Everybody Dies But Me