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Innis & Gunn

Innis & Gunn is a specialist independent brewing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Established in 2003, its beer has become the most popular British bottled beer sold in Canada, and second most popular in Sweden. Since 2008, the business is family-owned, following a management buy-out from its original part-owners, William Grant and Sons. The beer was originally developed as a way of flavouring the barrels used by distiller William Grant for its ale cask reserve whisky. The original plan was for the beer to be discarded after it had flavoured the barrel, but the brewers noted that the process had an agreeable effect on the beer, and thus aging the beer became an end in itself. Innis & Gunn was part of the nominated drinks list for the G8 Summit 2005 at Gleneagles Hotel. It was also an official corporate sponsor of the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2012. Innis & Gunn Original will also be featured at the 2013 Walt Disney World EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival at the inaugural Scotland booth.

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