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Menachem Begin

Date of Birth 16-August-1913
Place of Birth Brest
(Belarus, Polesie Voivodeship - II RP, Brest, Euroregion Bug)
Nationality Israel, Poland, Belarus
Also know as מנחם בגין, Menachem Wolfovitch Begin, مناحيم بيغن‎, Menakhem Vol'fovich Begin, Менахем Вольфович Бегин, Munahayyim Beeghin, Mieczysław Biegun, מנחם וולפוביץ' בגין
Profession Politician
Menachem Begin was an Israeli politician, founder of Likud and the sixth Prime Minister of the State of Israel. Before the creation of the state of Israel, he was the leader of the Zionist militant group Irgun, the Revisionist breakaway from the larger Jewish paramilitary organization Haganah. He proclaimed a revolt, on 1 February 1944, against the British mandatory government, which was opposed by the Jewish Agency. As head of the Irgun, he targeted the British in Palestine. He is the one responsible for orchestrating a failed assassination attempt on Germany's first post-war Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, which was discovered prior to being delivered to the chancellor. It detonated while a disposal expert attempted to defuse it, killing him and injuring two others. Begin was elected to the first Knesset, as head of Herut, the party he founded, and was at first on the political fringe, embodying the opposition to the Mapai-led government and Israeli establishment. He remained in opposition in the eight consecutive elections, but became more acceptable to the political center. His 1977 electoral victory and premiership ended three decades of Labour Party political dominance.

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