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Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. is a Japanese corporation specializing in the manufacture and sales of electrical connectors such as high speed LVDS, HDMI, PCI express, high density, micro coaxial, and Board to board connectors. It also makes systems equipment and aerospace products. With headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo, JAE is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company has a capital of 10.69 billion yen and had net sales of 137.6 billion yen for the year ended March 31, 2009, employing 5,707 people worldwide. The largest stockholder is NEC, with 24.53%. Ever since it was established in 1953, Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited has operated with the corporate philosophy, "Explore, Create, and Practice" and in the process, it cultivated a high level of technological expertise. JAE's diverse products include electronic devices from connectors to aerospace electronic equipment, optics-related products, and various other types of machinery and equipment. A major Japanese defense contractor, Japan Aviation Electronics, was convicted of illegally selling sensitive U.S. military technology to Iran in 1992, was fined and stripped of the use of U.S. export licenses for up to three years.

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