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Date of Birth 23-September-1908
Place of Birth Ponnani
(India, Kerala, Malappuram district)
Nationality India
Also know as Mullamangalath Parameshwaran Bhattathiripad, M. P. Bhatathirippad, एम. पी. भट्टाथीरिपड, मुलामंगलथ परमेश्वरन भट्टाथीरिपड
Profession Actor, Film Producer
Mullamangalath Parameshwaran Bhattathiripad, commonly known as M. P. Bhatathirippad or Premji, was a social reformer, cultural leader and actor from Kerala state, India. Premji joined Yogakshema Sabha and worked with V. T. Bhattathiripad, E. M. S. Namboodiripad and his brother M. R. Bhattathiripad in the fight against the casteism and conservatism that existed in the Nambudiri community. Premji was also a noted stage and film actor.

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