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Roger Shepard

Date of Birth 30-January-1929
Place of Birth Palo Alto
(Santa Clara County, United States of America, Silicon Valley, California, San Francisco Bay Area)
Nationality United States of America
Also know as Roger Newland Shepard
Profession Psychologist
Roger Newland Shepard is a cognitive scientist and author of the Universal Law of Generalization. He is considered a father of research on spatial relations. Shepard obtained his Ph.D. in psychology at Yale University in 1955 under Carl Hovland, and completed post-doctoral training with George Armitage Miller at Harvard. Subsequent to this, Shepard was at Bell Labs and then a professor at Harvard before joining the faculty at Stanford University. In 1995, Shepard received the National Medal of Science for his contributions in the field of cognitive science. In 2006, he also won the Rumelhart Prize. Shepard is Ray Lyman Wilbur Professor Emeritus of Social Science at Stanford University. His students include Lynn Cooper, Leda Cosmides, Rob Fish, Jennifer Freyd, Carol L. Krumhansl, Daniel Levitin, Geoffrey Miller and Josh Tenenbaum. Shepard is one of the founders of the Kira Institute.

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National Medal of Science for Behavioral and Social Science
(For his theoretical and experimental work elucidating the human mind's perception of the physical world and why the human mind has evolved to represent objects as it does; and for giving purpose to the field of cognitive science and demonstrating the value of bringing the insights of many scientific disciplines to bear in scientific problem solving.)