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Victor Frederick Weisskopf

Date of Birth 19-September-1908
Place of Birth Vienna
Nationality United States of America, Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Also know as Victor F Weisskopf
Profession Physicist, Scientist
Victor Frederick "Viki" Weisskopf was an Austrian-born American theoretical physicist. He did postdoctoral work with Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, Wolfgang Pauli and Niels Bohr. During World War II he was Group Leader of the Theoretical Division of the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, and later campaigned against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Awards by Victor Frederick Weisskopf

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Wolf Prize in Physics
(for their outstanding contributions to theoretical physics, especially in the development and application of the quantum theory of fields.)


National Medal of Science for Physical Science
(For important contributions to our understanding of nuclear matter and nuclear reactions, and early fundamental contributions to our understanding of elementary particles.)